How to enable a transaction fee at the POS

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You must be on v4.11+ to use this feature. The Transaction Surcharge is part of the Early Access Program. See this article for more information about EAP features, Early Access Program.

How To

Some retailers may wish to charge an additional fee at the POS on select transactions. Quick Add Flipcharts can be configured to set up a one-time percentage based fee that can be applied to the transaction total before completing checkout.

This feature was designed for flexible use across various situations. One store may choose to enable a Credit Card Surcharge, another might implement a Late Pickup Unpaid Goods Fine.

Follow these steps

To enable a transaction surcharge, follow these steps.

Create a SKU for the transaction surcharge

  1. In the GT Backend, go to Products > List. Select Actions > New Product.
  2. Enter a product code, name, and uncheck the "is inventoried" box. Choose whether the SKU is taxable. On the Ordering tab, enter a default supplier. On the Pricing tab, enter unit sell. Save the product.

      Heads up

    The default supplier and unit sell are required to set up a SKU in GT. The unit sell is overwritten in each transaction with the percentage value calculated from the transaction total. We recommended entering the price no lower than $0.02. Some retailers may choose to set up a unique category, subcategory and supplier specific to their use case to keep fees easily filterable in GT reporting.

Create the transaction surcharge as a button in Quick Add Flipchart

  1. In the GT Backend, go to Products > Advanced > Quick Add Flipchart. Select Actions > Add New Section.
  2. Enter a Section name. Leave the boxes unchecked. Select Save to return to the Flipchart screen.
  3. Select the Name of the section to open it and create your surcharge button.
  4. Select Actions > New Button.
  5. In the Product field, select the SKU you just created. Enter Override text if desired. Check the Payment Surcharge box. Select Submit to save the button.

Enable the Transaction Surcharge Button at the POS

  1. Access the POS settings area. For settings access, contact your manager or support provider.
  2. Go to the POS tab and scroll to the bottom of the section.
  3. Enable the toggle under Transaction surcharge button and enter the amount of the charge in the Surcharge amount % box.
  4. Go to the Admin tab and lock settings to save changes in the event of an upgrade or POS reset.

Apply the Transaction Surcharge to applicable transactions upon checkout

  1. Add items to the POS as you normally would. Select Checkout. Note: The surcharge is applied next on the payment screen.
  2. On the payment screen, you now have the option to add the transaction surcharge before processing. Select Add Transaction Fee of $X.XX.
  3. Select OK to confirm or Cancel to cancel.
  4. Optional: After selecting OK, you can remove the fee before continuing by selecting Remove Transaction Fee.
  5. Select the tender method to complete the transaction as usual. The Transaction Fee will be added to the receipt separately, broken out with the tax lines.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What does the fee look like on invoices in the GT Backend?
    The transaction fee appears as a product line item on invoices in the GT Backend. On POS receipts, the fee is separated and displayed as its own line item with the tax breakdown.
  2. How is the fee captured in reporting?
    The transaction fee is set up as a SKU in GlobalTill and is recorded as a sale. Some retailers may choose to set up a unique category, subcategory and supplier specific to their use case to keep fees easily filterable in GT reporting.
  3. If I set up a transaction fee, do I have to use the fee on all transactions?
    No. When this setting is enabled, the cashier will see the button and the transaction surcharge amount on the payment screen. The amount is not added to the transaction unless the button is selected. The surcharge can be easily removed by selecting the button a second time.
  4. Why don't I see the surcharge button on the POS?
    Ensure you're on version 4.11+, that the setting is turned on in the POS settings with a value in the % box, and that you're looking for the button on the payment screen after selecting checkout.
  5. How much is the transaction fee? Are there limits? Is it taxable?
    The transaction surcharge amount is a percentage of the total transaction. The percentage amount is decided by the retailer, and is entered in the POS settings. If I have a $10.00 transaction including tax, and my surcharge amount is 2%, my transaction fee will be $0.20. The transaction fee SKU has the option to be taxable or non-taxable to cover a multitude of use cases.
  6. I have this set up as a credit card processing fee. What if a customer is paying partially in cash?
    The transaction surcharge amount is always calculated based on the current balance owing. If a customer is paying partially with cash, process the cash payment first, then apply the transaction fee.
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