How do I enter or exit semi-integrated mode with the Desk 5000 or Move 5000?

  Before you start

You should already have your terminal configured for operation in semi-integrated mode. The colours on your device may vary as compared to the documentation here.

How to

Follow these steps

  1. To exit semi-integrated mode, select the terminal icon (Screenshot on 2020-12-14 at 07-14-45.png) located on the top right corner. This will revert the terminal to standalone mode.

      Heads up

    In standalone mode, your POS station will not communicate with the payment terminal. If you press the Card button on the payment screen, you will receive an error message.

  2. To convert back to semi-integrated mode, select the cash register icon (Screenshot on 2020-12-14 at 07-15-36.png) located in the top right corner.

More Information

For more information, see Getting started with the Ingenico Desk 5000 and Move 5000.

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