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  • Alberta and British Columbia liquor retailers


In November 2020, BDL launched a new ordering website at This completely replaced the previous website (which was at If you're a new client, we suggest reading Getting Started with BDL.

Important differences

Prior to November 2020 (

  • The prior BDL ordering website only emailed order confirmations.
  • BDL imports would fail a deposit was not attached to the product.
  • Products are automatically created from BDL product database if they didn't exist in your store. The deposit, units per case, ordering multiplier were set automatically.
  • BDL imports would fail if there was a barcode or UPC mismatch (when the barcode is in use by another product).
  • BDL imports would fail if there was a variance between the grand total on the invoice, and the calculated grand total in the GT Backend.

After November 2020 (

  • The new BDL ordering website emails both order confirmation and invoices, and the GT Backend allows you to import both.
  • BDL imports no longer fail if there is no deposit attached to a product
  • Products can optionally be automatically created upon import, but you need to update the products to set the deposit, size, categories, units per case, ordering multiplier, and other information for the product.
  • BDL imports will attempt to add a barcode for new products, but will not fail if the barcode is already in use by another product.
  • BDL imports will not fail to import if there is a variance between the invoiced total and the calculated grand total in the GT Backend.

Further Reading

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I still email in my invoice, rather than uploading it into the GT Backend?
    At this time no, but we plan to support this functionality again soon.
  2. When will the new BDL product database be integrated with the GT Backend?
    The new product database is under active development and is expected to launch in the near future. We will make an announcement in the GT Backend when this is available.
  3. Why do I need to set the deposit, size, and other information now?
    Automatically adding the deposit, size, categories, units per case and ordering multiplier for you requires that we have an up to date and accurate product database. Because this information is important for ordering. We want to ensure we are not inserting out of date information. This won't be forever though! Once the new product database is completed, we plan on launching new functionality around automatically adding products, so stay tuned!
  4. Why does the new BDL import not fail if some information is missing?
    Many retailers struggled with completely understanding the nature of why an upload would fail under certain conditions. When the import tool was re-designed it was an intentional design decision to be less restrictive so that individual companies can decide how they want to handle their purchasing workflow, and what practices they implement to manage product data and reconcile supplier invoices.

If you have any questions, please reach out to from your email that is associated with your GlobalTill user account.

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