What is the report identifier

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What is the report identifier?

Every report generated in GT reporting has a unique Report Identifier. This is an 8 character code used to identify a previously generated report with the exact parameters used at the time of generation.

Always include the report identifier with support requests related to the contents of a specific report. This will ensure our support team can review the report exactly as it was generated.

Where can I find the report identifier in GlobalTill?

To locate the report identifier of a previously run report, follow these steps.

  1. Select Reporting > Report Archive.
  2. Select Columns to show/hide additional column options. Select Report Identifier to be added as a column.

  3. Under the Report Identifier column you can now see and search through all of the unique report identifier codes.

  Heads up

The report archive has other useful features like re-downloading a previously generated report or viewing the parameters used to generate the report. For more information, see the following articles: How to re-download a previously generated report, How to view the parameters of a previously generated report.

Where can I find the report identifier in the report?

In an Excel report, the report identifier is located in the following places:

  • The report file name in Excel.
  • The right corner of the footer of every page in a printed Excel report, right after the plus + sign.
  • The Properties tab. Access the properties tab by following these steps.
    1. From Excel, select File > Properties.
    2. Select the Summary tab.
    3. Locate the Report Identifier in the Comments area.

In a PDF report, the report identifier is located in the following places:

  • In the name of the report
  • In the report parameters table, located at the bottom of the report
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