Getting started with the visual template editor

Using the visual template editor is as easy as dropping and dragging the elements you want onto your document. A visual editor means that you don't have to add any code or variables to make a document print any way you want. 

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How is the visual template editor different than the current system?
    To create a custom template previously, you had to be proficient in Microsoft Word and use variables to place your product data into the custom label. In the new template editor, you can use the drop-and-drag editor to design the label without knowing either.
  2. Can I still use the old templates?
    Yes. Any templates created the old way will still print.
  3. Are the old templates going away? 
    No. We don't have plans to remove the old templates at this time.
  4. Can I use the visual template editor for more than just product labels?
    Yes! You can use the template creator for other documentation, too. However, be sure to choose a label template even if you aren't creating a label. Currently, we only have select product data fields available, so if you wanted to customize an invoice or purchase order, you have to use the old method for now.
  5. What about barcodes?
    You can use the visual template editor to print barcodes and QR codes. We always recommend you take care not to size the barcode too small as your barcode scanner may not be capable of reading it. Also, depending on your scanner, some barcodes that contain special characters like the & might not scan.
  6. What does the Refresh Visual Templates menu item do?
    There are some operations that you can perform in the visual editor that are not reflected in the GT Backend immediately. In the visual editor if you perform operations such as "Make a copy", "Rename" or "Remove," it may not be reflected in the GT Backend until you select Refresh Visual Templates.
  7. How can I change what sample product shows when creating a visual template?
    When creating a label, the visual editor chooses sample data based on the last product that was added or edited. If you would like a different product to show in the template as you are creating it, choose a product, select Actions > Edit, and then Submit.
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