Release notes for March, 2021

GT Backend

🎉 New

  • [Product Upload] Add ability to import child SKUs
  • [Product] Increased character length of long description
  • [Coupon] New functionality to handle coupon syncing 
  • [Reporting] Discount Summary by Coupon report
  • [Reporting]Discount summary by Type report
  • [Multi-store] Multi-store login account management
  • [Integration] API Key management tool

🔧 Fix

  • [Multi-store] Fixed auto assigning stores on the login
  • [Multi-store] Fixed auto assigning stores on login
  • [Multi-store] Fix for auto adding all stores when all stores selected in multi-store user management
  • [Multi-store] Fix user dropdown for multi-store user management

🤓 Other

  • [Shopify] Enable setting to not update Shopify inventory
  • [Supplier Invoice] Change the way default supplier is attributed
  • [Promo Cards] Change in select reporting, removal of promo cards funded from tenders
  • [Safe Management] Creating a new safe is now admin only
  • [Reporting] Filter stores to the province for Q90 reporting
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