Getting Started with Square + GlobalTill

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With Square + GlobalTill, you can accept payments in-store and online for both e-commerce and wholesale.

Square Hardware

Device Compatible
Square Terminal Integrated
Square Stand Not Integrated*
Square Reader for Magstripe Not Integrated*
Square Reader for Contactless Not Integrated*

* The Square Stand and both Square Readers are not compatible with GT POS or GT Mobile. You can still use them but you must manually record the payments received.

Square Payments

Square Payments is supported through the GT Backend as well as GT Commerce (active subscription required).

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Hub for Square Terminal?
    Hub is used to connect accessories like a cash drawer, barcode scanner or external printer to Square Terminal. You can also use it to connect your Terminal to the internet via Ethernet.
  2. Do I need to purchase a Hub for Square Terminal for the integration?
    GlobalTill connects to Square through WiFi, so you do not need to purchase a Hub in order to integrate. If your WiFi is not sufficient to support the use of the Terminal, keep in mind that a Hub is required to connect to the internet using an Ethernet cable.
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