How to print label or catalog templates made in visual template editor

  Before you start

In-store menu printing, and use of the catalog template, must be enabled by our support team. Ensure you have the correct permissions before you start.

  Heads up

Visual editor does not yet accept the following printing fields: Price book, Make barcode available, Include web data, start at label.

How To

How do I print shelf labels or product menus made in the visual editor?

Follow these steps

Printing shelf labels or product menus made in the visual editor is done easily through the Product List in the GT Backend. After creating your visual editor template, use this functionality to generate PDF copies of your templates that can be printed out for use in your physical store or shared with your customers. To print your label or catalog templates from the Product List, follow these steps.

  1. Select Products > List.
  2. Select the products you wish to include in your labels or menu by clicking on the row of the product. Selected products will be highlighted in blue.

  3. Select Print Labels > Special Print.
  4. Under Template, choose the label or menu template you wish to print.
  5. Select Submit to generate your labels or menu. Once your labels or menu is generated, click the button to download a printable PDF version of it.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What may have caused my menu to print improperly?
    If your menu appears distorted or "funky", it may be due to selecting Insert Data Field when selecting your menu elements. This action disrupts the grouping of the menu and can cause unexpected formatting issues. To prevent this from happening, avoid the use of "Insert Data Field" when selecting elements for your menu. Always type the element name you wish to see in curly brackets in the Raw value box on the Formatting tab.
  2. Why isn't the template name in my drop down list when trying to print?
    If you don't see the template name in your drop-down list, it's possible that multi-store users have had their access restricted by their organization based on their store's cost zone. Additionally, specific templates don't appear in the dropdown list unless they are configured with the Catalog or Label template type.
    Consult with your organization's support team to ensure that the template is available in your zone, and refer to the Template List (Settings > Advanced > Template Manager) to verify the Template Type is set to Catalog or Label Template. Management of shared templates in multi-store environments is handled from the organization's Primary environment. If you are a store within a multi-store organization utilizing shared templates and need to review the template settings, reach out to your organization's support department or an authorized individual with access to the Primary environment.

More Information

For more information, see the article How to sort print order in visual editor.

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