How to upload or edit web product data using admin ops

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Products must already be created in GlobalTill in order to use this feature. Existing tags will be overwritten in the bulk upload. To add additional tags, include both the new tag and the existing tag in the upload sheet.

How To

How do I bulk upload or edit Shopify product data in GlobalTill? 

Follow these steps

This article is intended for support professionals or advanced-end users. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure the data you upload is accurate.

Step 1: Prepare your product data spreadsheet for uploading

Use an Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx) to upload your products. Headers must be an exact match and are case sensitive. Only .xlsx format is accepted.

If a SKU is listed in your upload file twice, the product will be updated by the second occurrence. Formatting is not accepted, before the upload see the article How to troubleshoot or fix load files.

SKU is the only required field, do not include headers/columns for fields that do not require updates. To update product shipping weights, for example, create an excel sheet with 2 columns with the headers sku and shipping_weight only.


Below are the accepted header fields. Headers match the definition of the corresponding data field in the GlobalTill UI. 

  • sku

  • body_html

  • web_price_override

  • compare_at_price_override

  • region

  • subregion
  • country

  • vintage

  • varietal
  • other

  • manual_quantity

  • title

  • shipping_weight

  • image_url

  • web_product (use this header with a value of TRUE to enable web status upon import)

Step 2: Upload your product data spreadsheet

Go to Admin Operations at the URL we've provided you and select Import Web Data or Import Web Data (Background). 


Both options provide the same end result of updating your Shopify product data, but differ slightly in how the upload is processed.

Import Web Data
Upload file is limited to 300 lines, and will provide a success of failure message when completed.
Import Web Data (Background)
Upload file accepted with greater than 300 lines. The upload will run as a background task and will time out after 25 minutes. You will not receive a success or failure message, refer to a product in your upload file after 25 minutes to determine the upload status.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does it matter what order the headers are placed in the excel sheet?
    No, the order of the headers doesn't matter. As a best practice, we recommend placing SKU in column A as it keeps the file cleaner.
  2. Can I enter multiple tags under the tag headers?
    You can enter multiple values under any of the tag headers, but functionally for display on the Shopify website, you may not have the best results with multiple vintage/region tags being used.

    We suggest one tag per column, aside from “other” which can have multiple tags separated by a comma.
  3. When I bulk upload new tags, are the current tags overwritten?
    Yes. The tags in the bulk upload sheet will replace the current tags in your database. To add additional tags, include the new tag and the original tag in your upload sheet and separate with a comma. 
  4. I have a lot of text under body_html, is it possible to include formatting in the import?
    You can include HTML under this header. There is some validation that may restrict some elements, but in practice we rarely see this come up.
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