How to generate purchase orders using advanced group PO generation

  Before you start

Make sure your Supplier Groups have been created before you start. For more information, see the article How to create a supplier group

How To

How do I bulk generate a group of POs based on my supplier groups?

Follow these steps

Advanced Group PO Generation allows you create a group of purchase orders in bulk, follow these steps.

  1. Select Purchasing > Purchase Orders.
  2. From the actions menu, select Advanced Group PO Generation.
  3. Select the Supplier Group for which you would like to bulk generate POs.
  4. Populate your PO criteria and select submit. Refer to the Heads Up section on the right hand side of the screen for definitions of each possible selection. Pro-Tip: The Fill PO form will remember your selections and save each option as the default for future use.
  5. If you've entered an email address, GlobalTill will email you a confirmation list of all the products that were ordered.
  6. A PO will be created for each of the suppliers in the supplier group (provided there were products to be ordered).
  7. (Optional) Select Actions > Bulk Email POs to email a copy of the POs generated on the selected date to the email on record for each supplier. In this example, I'm going to email each PO using the Purchase Order template, to the order desks in the Alberta Small Breweries supplier group that had POs generated on 2021-05-10, and I'm going to CC myself.
  8. (Optional) To review the email where each PO was sent, go to Settings > Store Settings > Email Log.

More Information

For more information, see the article Where do I enter the supplier email for emailing POs direct from the purchasing menu.

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