What is the B.C. data tab

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What is the B.C. Data Tab and what information can I find here?

This is an additional tab for British Columbia liquor retailers that contains the Government Liquor Stores (GLS) and Electronic Price List (EPL) product information.


GLS Data

GlobalTill updates the GLS information from bcliquorstores.com once per month to provide the GLS retail price, and the type, country, volume, alcohol content, number of (government) stores (that stock the product) and the rating.

In the B.C. market, the number of stores is an important reference point as it can dictate your pricing strategy. If the product is available in all of the government stores, you may choose to be more competitive and price your product closer to the government price. If the product is not in all of the government stores, you have more flexibility to increase your pricing.


EPL Data

The bottom half of the B.C. Data tab summarizes the data from the Electronic Price List. This shows an Effective Date (for price changes), the Wholesale per Unit and the Change (relative to the previous price).

In the example below, we see this product goes all the way back to 2018 when GlobalTill entered the British Columbia market. On April 1, 2018 this product started out with a wholesale price of $8.30, on September 2, 2018 that increased by $0.17 to $8.47, and continued to climb until stabilizing at the current wholesale price of $9.43.


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