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What are Non-Stocked Wholesale Products and how are they tracked in GlobalTill?

Non-Stocked Wholesale Products (NSWPs), also known as Agent-stocked products, are products that are not held at the LDB warehouse prior to a customer placing their order. These products are drawn directly from the agent’s warehouse at the time an order is received and have a longer fulfilment cycle.

To account for the extended fulfillment cycle, some retailers will import the NSWP file into GlobalTill as a supplier invoice in order to tell GlobalTill's automated PO system to NOT attempt to re-order these products. When the products are received, the NSWP is deleted and is never actually posted.

If you are not using the automated PO system it is not necessary to import the NSWP file. 

See the below example.

  1. The NSWP file is entered into GlobalTill as an invoice and kept in Open status.
  2. The Coming for Stock quantity will update on all products on the open NSWP invoice to match the quantity ordered. 
  3. When the order is received, the open NSWP invoice is deleted and the LDB invoice is imported into GlobalTill to record the receipt of the products. 

More Information

For more information, see the article How to import an NSWP file and How to delete a supplier invoice.

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