What is units per case

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What is units per case?

Units per case refers to how many units of a product you receive when ordering one case of that product.

For example when you are ordering spirits, like vodka, they are usually sold in cases consisting of 12 bottles. In this instance one case of Absolut vodka will have 12 units per case.

Units per case isn't consistent and will change depending on the products you're ordering.

Here are some of the most common ways errors in units per case can occur:

  • If the product was first entered into your database with an incorrect units per case
  • A posted supplier invoice with a units per case error updated the units per case to an incorrect value
  • Products automatically added to GlobalTill from integrated suppliers, like Connect Logistics, had incorrect units per case in the supplier database

More Information

For more information on correcting these errors, see the following articles:

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