Why are there items in status dedicated to customers?



Why is there inventory reflected under Dedicated to Customers on a product's inventory tab?



When an order is parked at the POS, or is in pre-Invoiced status in the Customer Order List in the GT Backend, the inventory status for each product on the order changes from Available for Sale to Dedicated to Customers. When the transaction is completed, and the customer order status is changed to Invoiced, the inventory is cleared from Dedicated to Customers and deducted from the main inventory location.

If there are units in inventory status Dedicated for Customers it usually means there is an open customer order (or orders) that contains this product that has not been finalized.

Go to Selling > Customer Orders and review orders in pre-Invoiced status. 


Remember to finalize click and collect or e-commerce transactions on the POS by selecting Complete Payment on POS.


More Information

For more information, see the articles How to use the customer order list and What does each customer order status mean.

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