How to add a shipping charge to a customer order

  Before you start

The shipping charge SKU must be set up before you can add it to a customer order. See the article How to create a shipping charge.

  Heads up

Shipping charges are the final addition to an order before converting it to an invoice.

How To

How do I add shipping charges to a customer order?

Follow these steps

Once you're ready to convert an order to an invoice, follow these steps to add a shipping charge.

  1. On the customer order you are ready to convert, select ActionsPreview Invoice.

  2. Select Finalize & Post Invoice.

  3. From the finalize order form, enter the shipping amount for the order in the Shipping Charge field, and under the Shipping Product dropdown select your shipping charge product.

  4. Select Submit.
  5. The shipping charge will appear on the invoice as a line item with the value you put in the shipping charge field.

 More Information

For more information, see the following articles:

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