How to create a shipping charge

  Before you start

You will need to have a supplier set up before you can create a shipping charge. For more information see the following article, How to create a supplier.

  Heads up

You will have the option to change the value of the shipping charge before you convert an order to an invoice.

How To

How do I create a shipping charge?

Follow these steps

To create a shipping charge, follow these steps.

  1. Select ProductsList.
  2. Select ActionsNew Product.

  3. Enter a Product Code for your shipping charge (In example, SHIP).
  4. Enter a Product Name for your shipping charge (In example, Shipping Charge).
  5. Ensure the Is Inventoried box is unchecked.

  6. Select the Ordering tab and select a Misc. supplier from the dropdown. If you don't already have one set up see the following article: How to create a supplier.

  7. Select the Pricing tab and enter a Unit Sell value of $1.

  8. Select Submit.

Now when you are ready to convert a customer order to an invoice you can set the shipping charge you just created to be added as a line item, then you can set how much your shipping charge is, overriding the $1, and charging the customer accordingly.

More Information

For more information on shipping charges, see the following articles:

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