How to process a parked order from the POS

  Before you start

Ensure Full Screen Parked Invoices and Scan Out Invoice are enabled in your POS Settings. 

How To

How do I process a parked invoice at the POS?

Follow these steps

Many integration partners send customer orders directly to the GlobalTill POS for fulfillment. In other cases, an order may be saved, or parked, at the POS mid transaction while a customer continues to shop. Whatever the reason, Full Screen Parked Invoices and Scan Out Invoice requires salespeople to scan each line item on the parked order at final checkout to verify that the products at the counter match the original order.

To process a parked order from the POS, follow these steps.

  1. To retrieve a parked order, click on the Parked Orders icon, and then press the Retrieve button.

  2. When you retrieve a parked order from the POS, the checkout button is blocked until a verification scan is performed. To perform a verification check, do the following:
  3. Press Product Check, the button will remain blue throughout the scanning verification process.

  4. Scan the products the customer is purchasing.

  5. Continue scanning until the Quantity Scanned matches the quantity the customer has ordered.

  6. If you wish to add additional items beyond what was originally ordered, make sure you unhighlight the PRODUCT CHECK button.

  7. Once the quantity scanned matches the quantity ordered, the Checkout button will be unlocked and you can proceed as normal.

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