How to make shelf labels using Microsoft word

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How do I create shelf labels using Microsoft Word?

Follow these steps

Watch the following video demonstrating how to create a custom label in the GT Backend using Microsoft Word. These steps may vary depending on the version of Word you are using.

  1. Open Microsoft Word and select Mailings.

  2. Select Labels.

  3. Select Options.

  4. Choose Label Product or the brand of the label paper you are using (ie. Avery).

  5. Search for the Product Number, the specific label (ie. 5160).
  6. Select Full Page of Labels.
  7. Select Ok. You will now see the label format for your selected label paper.
  8. Select Layout.

  9. Select Columns.

  10. Select More Columns.

  11. Choose the Number of Columns. (For example, if your labels print in three columns, choose Three columns. )

  12. Make sure the Equal Column width is checked. 

  13. Apply this to the Whole Document

  14. Select Ok. You should now see one column similar to the image below.

  15. In the first row, add the code: {%tr for l in labels %}. In the third row, add the code {%tr endfor %}.
  16. These are required for the label to print correctly, but they will not show up on your printed label. Format the 2nd row as you want your label to display with the variables you require.  For a full list of variables, see this support article.
  17. When you are finished, your label will resemble the image below.
  18. Select the rows that do not contain any information and delete them (Right Click and Delete).

  19. You should have a label template that looks something like the image below. Save it and upload it to your template manager. For more information, see the article How to upload a template.

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