How to create a coupon discount

  Before you start

If you've never made a coupon before, you will need to first create a coupon prefix in store settings

How to

How do I create an in-store coupon?

Follow these steps

To create an in-store coupon in the GT Backend, follow these steps.

  1. Select Product > Promotions > Coupons.
  2. Select Actions > New Coupon.
  3. Give the coupon a descriptive Name.
  4. Select Active if you want the coupon active.
  5. Choose the Type, which can be either a dollar discount or percent discount.
  6. Enter the Valid Until date in you want the coupon to expire on that date.
  7. Enter the Amount (Enter 5.00 for $5 or 5%).
  8. Using the Only Valid For fields, decide if the coupon should apply to categories, subcategories, or specific products (Optional).
  9. Enter a Minimum Spend  (Optional).
  10. Enter a Coupon Barcode (Required). This number needs to be unique. You can either create a number or scan the barcode on the coupon.
  11. Select Customer Account Only if the coupon is valid on customer accounts and not walk-in customers (Optional).
  12. Select Allow Manual Use to allow cashiers to manually apply coupons from a coupon listing at the POS.
  13. Select Submit.
  14. If you need the coupon to appear at the POS immediately, you should reload the products. At the POS PIN pad, enter exactly ..1 and press Login. You'll see a loading spinner appear briefly while the POS redownloads all your store data.

  Heads up

Best Practices for barcoding in-store coupons

Follows these tips to prevent having conflicts between coupon barcodes and product barcodes. Using this approach you can t use an online barcode generator online for each promo period so that the store and can have a sheet of paper with scannable coupons.

  • Avoid using UPC codes as coupon barcodes because of scanning issues.
  • Pick a common coupon prefix for all barcodes (example 4000).
  • Create a systematic way of generating the barcodes (Such as 40001, 40002 or even go by date, 400003092021 for March 9, 2021).
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