How to use the email log

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The email log tells you whether or not your emails were received by the servers of your receivers’ inbox providers. An email counts as delivered if it didn't bounce. This doesn't guarantee that the email was received by the end user and not re-routed to a junk folder. If the intended recipient didn't receive your email, have them check their junk folder.

How To

How do I use the email log? How do I know if an email was sent?

Follow these steps

You can use the email log to confirm the status of an email sent through the GT Backend.

To use the email log, follow these steps.

  1. Select Settings > Advanced > Email Log.
  2. Use the Columns buttons to show or hide columns. 
  3. Use Filters to search and sort the email list.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is delivery count?
    This counts message delivery. This count is incremented each time the email is successfully delivered to a recipient's email server.
  2. What is open count?
    At the bottom of each email sent through GlobalTill, we insert a one pixel by one pixel transparent GIF image. Each email includes a unique reference to this image file; when the image is opened, the open count increases.
    Open count is cumulative of the recipient and all CCs, so if an email is sent with CCs, the open count will include each time the original recipient or CCs opened it.
  3. What is the sent column?
    The sent column represents whether or not an email has left GlobalTill. When sent is true, GT has successfully passed the email off to the mail handler for sending to final destination.
  4. Under Bounced, the value is set to True. Does this mean the email bounced back and was never accepted by the recipient?
    Yes. When bounced is true, the message was rejected by the recipient's mail server. When an email bounces, it has for some reason not reached the intended destination.
  5. Why does an email bounce?
    There are a number of reasons why an email bounces. The email address doesn't exist, the inbox is full, there's a server outage on the recipient side, a previous spam complaint, a blanket block of system-generated emails, are a few examples.
  6. What should I do if the delivery count is greater than 0, bounce is false, but my recipient did not receive my email?
    Ask the recipient to check their junk mail folder, and have them add to their contacts or safe senders list. If the emails still fail to deliver, have them contact their email provider.

More Information

For more information, see the article Why I am not receiving GlobalTill emails?

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