How to edit store settings

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How do I edit or change store settings?

Follow these steps

  1. Access store settings by selecting Settings > Store Settings.
  2. From the top right, select Edit Store or Other Settings.
  3. Select Edit Store to update the following settings:

    Basic Information
    The store name.
    Store Legal Name
    The store legal name, which may be different than the name the store is commonly known as.
    This is the address field that is used for printing receipts at the POS. You can include additional information aside from the address if required. For example, in Canada, the GST # is required on receipts and can be included here.
    AR Address
    This is the long address without abbreviations.
    AR Phone Number
    This format is similar to +12014232963. It is used for click-to-call functionality.
    The store's email address.
    GlobalTill allows up to 4 different tax rates. For more information, see the article How to set up tax rates.
    Register Settings
    Receipt Trailer Message Long
    This is the trailer message displayed to all customers on the receipt.
    Additional Receipt Info Block
    Information block to display on receipts such as store operating hours.
    Enter the Default Register Float
    This is the starting cash (float) in the register. For more information, see the article How to set up a default register float.
    Default Gift Card
    If your store accepts or sells plastic gift cards as a payment method, you will need to add the gift card as a product within GlobalTill before selecting it as the default. For more information, see the article How to set up a gift card product.
    Liquor and Cannabis

    For Liquor Stores

    Use Connect Categories
    Check this to use categories of Connect Logistics instead of ones you create for your store. This setting is for the Alberta Liquor industry only.
    Liquor License Number
    You must enter the liquor license number to enable BDL automation. Alberta, Canada Liquor License number must have VSA at the end and it must be capitalized.
    Liquor Connect User Name and Password
    Enter this in order to use the purchase order integration. This setting is for the Alberta Liquor industry only.

    Cannabis Settings

    Set Cannabis Sale Limit in g
    This is a cannabis industry setting to limit the grams sold at the POS. The default is set at 30g to comply with Health Canada regulations. Purchases at the POS exceeding the number entered here will be blocked.
    Leafly Dispensary Client Key
    This is the dispensary's menu integration key, which is provided by Leafly.
    Template & Design
    Add Logo
    You can add your store logo here. It should be a JPEG or PNG file only.
    Receipt Logo
    Optional secondary logo for receipt printing at the POS and also in select other areas where low-res or greyscale versions are required. This will be used for receipts only in place of the regular logo at the POS.
    Logo Print Size
    The size in mm that the logo prints at in documents such as invoices, quotes, etc.
    Default Label Template
    You can change your default label template here.
    Default Invoice Template
    You can change your default invoice template here.
    Store Timezone
    This is the time zone this store operates in.
    Select the Default Customer
    This is usually Walk-in. It is used when a salesperson does not select a customer profile.
    Select the Default Storage Location
    This specifies the store's main inventory location. It is usually called Main. 
    Select a Default Safe
    Select your default safe for the safe management functionality.
    Show Cash Management.
    This will show an optional, cash management selection in side-navigation of the GT Backend.
    Scan Coupon Prefix
    This is the store's coupon prefix. Barcodes scanned with this prefix at the POS will initiate a coupon lookup.
    Scan Employee Prefix
    Barcodes scanned with this prefix at the POS will initiate an employee look up.
    Scan Customer Prefix
    Barcodes scanned with this prefix at the POS will initiate a customer lookup.
    Scan Gift Card Prefix
    Barcodes scanned with this prefix at the POS will initiate a gift card redemption look up.
    Default Shipping
    Select a default shipping product. This must be created as a product first before selecting it. For more information, see the article How to add a shipping charge.
    Alternate ID
    An alternate identifier for this store. Often used in integrations with other systems where GlobalTill reports based on a company specific ID, such as an internal cost center.
  4. Select Other Settings to update the following settings:

    Other Settings
    Count Block Posting Units
    Block users from posting inventory counts if they surpass this unit threshold.
    Count Block Posting Dollar
    Block users from posting inventory counts if they surpass this dollar threshold.
    Count Strict Mode
    In strict mode, all count discrepancies require a reason code and note added before posting
    Auto Email Reports
    Automatically emails select reports to the email addresses. Separate multiple addresses with commas.
    Maximum Product Name Length
    The maximum character length of product name allowed if store desires less than GlobalTill maximum of 85.
    Dropbox API Key
    API key for your DropBox integration.
    Add Delete Categories
    Check this to enable the ability to delete and add categories in the GT Backend.
    Square Feet*
    The square footage of the retail space. It is used for reporting purposes in certain industries.
    Show Duplicate Supplier Codes
    Check this to display any duplicate supplier codes in the main product list.
    Show Differential Count
    Check this to allow users to perform differential-based inventory counts.
    Can Print Quantities
    Check this to allow users to show on-hands quantity in printed count sheet.
    Auto Add from BC EP
    Check this to attempt to automatically add products from the BC EPL when importing a BC LDB supplier invoice.
    Show Pin Numbers
    When checked, GlobalTill will display the PIN numbers in the user list so they can be used as sign-in numbers rather than true PINs.
    Finalize Sessions Strict Mode
    Check this to block finalizing shifts unless notes are entered for discrepancies over $15.
    Label Queue
    Check this to display an optional label queue and associated functions for maintaining a pending list of labels to print. For more information, see the article How to set up a label queue.
    Clear Parked Transactions Nightly
    This will clear all transactions parked at the POS overnight. For more information, see the article How to clear parked transactions nightly.
    Qz Printer
    The OS printer name for the QZ printer target or the hostname and port in the format protocol://hostname: port.  For more information, see the article How to print labels from a QZ printer
    Default Web Product
    Check this to make all products web products by default.
    Auto Invoice API Orders
    Check this to automatically invoice customer orders received via select API endpoints (enable or disable this only with direction from GT Support).
    Allow PO Export Bottles
    For BC LDB exports, allow the PO system to export BTL unit of measure if the quantity entered is less than a full case. This setting is for the British Columbia liquor industry only.
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