How to manually enter a payment on an iCT250

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This article applies to the iCT250 terminal in stand alone (non-integrated) mode.

How To

How do I manually enter a card transaction on the iCT50?

Follow these steps

To manually enter a card transaction, follow these steps.

  1. On the iCT250 terminal, press the up arrow. The display should read Switch to stand alone mode. Select Yes.
  2. On the iCT250 terminal, key in the transaction amount and press Enter (green button).
  3. Type in the credit card number and press Enter (green button).
  4. Key in the expiry and press Enter (green button). Remember to take the terminal out of stand alone mode after the transaction is completed. Do this by pressing YES when asked to switch to semi-integrated mode.
  5. To enter the transaction on the POS, select Show More on the POS payment screen.
  6. Select the payment method used in the transaction and finalize as usual.
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