How to create a shelf location

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How do I create a shelf location? How to assign shelf locations to products?

Follow these steps

Create a shelf location

To create a shelf location, follow these steps.

    1. Select Products > Product Management > Location Manager.
    2. Select the Wrench icon and choose New Location.
    3. Enter the Name of the shelf location you wish to create and select Submit.

Assign a shelf location to a product

    There are multiple ways to assign a shelf location to a product. Select the option right for you and follow these steps.
    • To assign shelf locations to individual products, go to the product page and select Actions > Edit product. Select the Other tab and enter the location in Product Shelf Location and Product Shelf Location Two.
    • To assign shelf locations to products in bulk using the admin ops upload, use the headers sku, shelf and shelf2. See the article How to create products in bulk using admin operations.
    • To assign shelf locations to products selected from the product list, use Bulk Set Attributes. See the article How to use bulk set attributes. Heads up, some enterprise locations have Bulk Set Attributes disabled.

Frequently asked questions

  1. The drop down menus are empty when I try to assign a location to a single product using the Other tab. Why?
    Shelf locations must be created before they can be assigned to products. Follow the steps in Create a Shelf Location to create locations before assigning them to products.
  2. I get an error message when I select Actions > Edit Product on the product page. Why?
    Many enterprise customers manage product data from a centralized Primary environment. Some enterprises block modification of product data outside of the Primary environment. If you get an error message, reach out to your organization's data management team for access to the Primary environment.
  3. I don't see an option to select Bulk Set Attributes from the product list. Why?
    Bulk Set Attributes is a great tool used to make changes to a large group of products in just a few clicks. To prevent unintentional bulk changes to product data, some enterprise level customers choose to disable Bulk Set Attributes. If you don't see the button in your product list, it's likely your organization has disabled this feature.
  4. Is there a faster way to create Shelf Locations?
    Yes. Assigning shelf locations in bulk using the admin ops upload doesn't require shelf locations to be created first. Values under the headers 'shelf' or 'shelf2' are created as shelf locations upon import and assigned to the SKU listed in the upload file.
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