How to display the user on the invoice

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How to display the user on the invoice

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Like shelf labels, GlobalTill’s invoices, purchase orders, and customer statements are built-in (and can be customized with) Microsoft Word.

GlobalTill comes preloaded with 3 different types of invoices that can be used and customized depending on your needs

  • Standard invoice
  • Category invoice
  • Category with interest 
  1. To find these templates, select Settings > Template Manager.
  2. If you want to add the User (or the person or persons who created the invoice), follow these steps:
  3. Select the template you wish to modify by selecting its Name. The template will be download to your computer as a Microsoft Word document.
  4. If you wish to add a single user, add the code #{{user}} where you would like the user to appear.

  5. In a rare case, if you have multiple people creating an invoice, you can use the following code.

    {% for user in users%}
    #{{user}} each user on invoice

    See placement in the below image:

  6. Once the code is placed on the invoice template, save and rename it.
  7. Upload the template into GlobalTill by selecting Settings >Template Manager.
  8. Select Actions  > Add Template.

  9. Name your new template.

  10. Choose Invoice Template as your Template Type
  11. Upload the Word Document you just modified by selecting Choose File.
  12. Select Submit.
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