How to generate a purchase order for outstanding customer orders only

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How do I make a purchase order for outstanding customer orders only?

Follow these steps

In addition to automatically generating purchase orders based on minimum quantities, you also have the option to generate purchase orders based on outstanding customer orders only and exclude any minimums that have been set in GlobalTill. This is useful for wholesalers to be able to order everything they need to fulfill customer's orders but ignoring minimum quantities.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select, Purchasing > Purchase Orders.
  2. Select  Actions > New PO. This will give you a blank PO.
  3. Choose the Supplier, Order Date, Dates Expected (required).  Supplier Reference, Sub Vendor, Other Reference, and Notes are optional.
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Select  Actions > Orders Only PO.
  6. Your purchase order is generated, showing you everything you need to order based on outstanding customer orders.
  7. Before you send your purchase order,  you can change it before by clicking the Edit or Delete buttons.
  8. You can also select Columns to view more information such as On Hand, Minimum, Customer Orders, Oder Multiplier, Product Size, Category, Units Per Case, Already Coming, and Pending Returns, and Weekly Averages.
  9. You can also add new products that are not included in the purchase order by select New.
  10. (optionally) You can now convert Purchase Orders to Supplier invoices by choosing the purchase order and selecting Actions > Convert to Supplier Invoice.  This is particularly useful for non-integrated suppliers by saving you from manually enter product quantities. When you convert a PO to a supplier invoice, if any line on the PO is set to quantity 0, that line will not transfer over to the supplier invoice.


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