How to create and edit an invoice

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Invoices created manually must be saved in order to be included in sales figures. 

How To

How do I create a customer invoice in the GT Backend?

Follow these steps

To create an invoice from the GT Backend, follow these steps.

Create the invoice

  1. Select Selling > Invoices.
  2. Select the Wrench icon and choose New Invoice.

  3. Select from the dropdown where the Inventory is coming from (usually Main for stores that do not have multiple locations).
  4. Select the search bar to find the User who is creating the invoice.
  5. Select from the dropdown the Customer who the invoice is intended for.
  6. Select Submit, this will bring you to the invoice details page with a new blank invoice.

Edit the invoice

Once the invoice has been created, you will be taken directly to the invoice details screen where you can add products. Follow these steps.

  1. Select the products by selecting the Product column and typing either the product description or the SKU to begin searching for products to add.
  2. Edit the Qty and Price Paid by selecting the cells you want to adjust.

  3. When finished adding products, select the Wrench > Done.

  4. Review the invoice for accuracy before saving it. To save select Actions > Save.

  5. To Email Invoice, enter the customer Customer Email, check the Email Invoice box, and select the invoice template from the dropdown.
  6. Select Save Invoice to save and post the invoice.
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