What is the customer ordering portal

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What is the customer ordering portal?

The ordering portal is a paid add-on to GlobalTill and requires set up by our support department. Please email support@globaltill.com for more information.

Does your retail store also sell directly to other businesses such as bars, restaurants, for special events, or even other stores? GlobalTill offers the ability for you to have your own branded ordering portal, which will allow your wholesale customers the ability to order their products from you online. This portal can be set up using your own domain (www.yourstore.com) or a GlobalTill domain (www.yourstore.gtorder.com). This setup must be performed by GlobalTill support staff, so please get in touch for setting up your portal.


This customer online ordering portal interacts directly with GlobalTill's backend thus eliminating paperwork and saving time.

For information on setting up a customer to be able to sign into the wholesale portal.  Please see the support article How to Set Up Customer for the Wholesale Portal.

More Information

For more information, see the article How to set up a customer for the customer ordering portal.

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