How do I locate inactive products in my store?



How can I find inactive products in my store?


Locate inactive products in your GlobalTill database with the following methods.

Search for them

If you know the SKU, name or supplier of the inactive product, search for it in the GT Backend. 

  1. Enter the SKU, name or supplier in the top search bar. 
  2. If there are inactive products, select Show Non-Active just below the search message.

Filter the New Product List to inactive SKUs

View a list of inactive products in the UI.

  1. Go to Products > New List.
  2. Ensure Hide Non-active is unselected.
  3. Select Column Visibility to add the column Flag: Active.
  4. Select the up and down arrows to sort the list. A checkmark indicates Active, an X indicates inactive.

Generate a report 

Use GT Reporting to generate a per SKU breakdown of inactivate products in your database.

  1. Go to Reporting (Beta) > Report List > Inventory.
  2. Select Inactive Products.
  3. Enter the parameters and select Submit
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