How to require customer sign up fields

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How do I choose which customer sign up fields are required or requested?

Follow these steps

Customer Sign Up Required Fields is the area in the settings where you select the fields that appear on the POS customer sign up form, and which of these fields are required to create a customer profile.

To customize which fields are requested, and which fields are required, follow these steps.

  1. Access the POS Settings
  2. Select the POS tab.
  3. Select Customer to access additional settings.
  4. Under Customer Sign Up Required Fields select which fields you to include on your sign up form.

    • Requested fields are included on the sign up form, but they're optional and aren't required to create a customer profile.
    • Required fields aren't optional, they must contain a value for the Submit button to become active.

More Information

For more information on signing customers up at the POS, see the article How to enable customer sign up at the POS.

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