Release notes for GT POS v4.7.0

GT POS 4.7.0

🎉 New

  • Auto Leave Shift. When enabled, the shift will automatically end at the time entered.
  • Customer Sign Up Requested and/or Required Fields. When signing up new customers at the POS you can now specify whether fields (such as an email address or phone number) are required.
  • Customer Sign Up Warning. When signing up a customer at POS, a warning message can optionally appear alerting the salesperson that a phone number or email already exists in your customer database.
  • Show Customer Notes. Optionally add and display notes about your customers at the POS once they are added to a transaction.
  • Show Employee Name at Start Shift. Display the name of the employee who started the current shift. This is useful for stores that have multiple or floating salespeople at the tills.
  • SKUs that Do Not Require Return Info. If an invoice only contains these SKUs (such as containers or bottles to be returned), the POS will not ask for customer return information when enabled.
  • Restrict Sale Price to Customer Only. When enabled, this option allows time-limited sales to be restricted to named customers (those that appear in your customer list) and not to walk-in customers.
  • Allow Discount Stacking. When enabled, this option allows for stacking multiple discounts
  • Restrict Changing Quantities. When enabled, the QTY cannot be manually changed at the POS. Products must be scanned in.
  • Charge to Account Manager Only. When enabled, manager login is required for On-Account Customers.
  • Serial Barcode Scanner Support. GT now supports the use of barcode scanners connected to the computer's serial port.
  • Price Check. Price check can now be configured to remain turned on (until you press it again to turn it off), rather than having to press it for each price check you want to perform.

🤓 Updates

  • Customer History button has been optimized and should load faster than before. This feature displays the top ten products a customer has purchased over the preceding 6 months and the 10 most recent products that they have purchased.
  • Redesigned Quick Add Buttons for more than 5 buttons.
  • Void at Checkout will be prevented if payment has been sent to the terminal.
  • Release Terminal and Manager Only Release Terminal have been removed.
  • Coupon has been added as a discount type on customer receipts.
  • Changed wording on customer receipts from flyer sales to sales discount.
  • Optional Force Discount Reason Code to force salespeople to attach a reason to discounts.
  • Optional sales attribution button, to credit the salesperson with the sale.
  • Optional hide customer email and phone number for increased privacy.
  • Support for refund gift card payment type. With a gift card, refund payment type will automatically autoload gift card with the refund amount.
  • Added cancel option to order management buttons.
  • Allow for applying discounts codes to the entire sales invoice.
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