How to purchase from a U.S. supplier

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How can I balance a supplier invoice from a foreign supplier?

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As of right now, Forex support is not available within the supplier invoicing system.

If you are looking to balance against your supplier invoice, you can enter the US invoice as if it were in Canadian currency. This works well if you do not use GlobalTill pricing rules or automatic pricing.

If you are using pricing rules to auto set the prices, then it's important that you convert the unit costs to CAD before entering costs into the supplier invoice. This way, you mark up the figure that is closest to the landed costs. If duties and customs fees are significant, it's also good to add an extra percentage to these figures based on that.

Your supplier invoice in GlobalTill will not match the physical invoice, but your profit numbers and prices (if auto-generated) will be more representative of what's actually going on.


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