What are the requirements for using gift cards in GlobalTill

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What are gift card requirements?

In GlobalTill, gift cards work on a unique gift card identifier (or gift card number). It can contain a magnetic stripe card or a barcode.

GlobalTill recommends:

  • High coercivity magnetic stripe
  • Randomized numbering scheme with a common prefix (e.g. 5556723090980-3049274610)
  • Alphanumeric barcodes only(No special characters such as dashes.)
  • Barcodes should start with a number that is not 0.
  • A maximum length of 64 characters

Security Dos and Don’ts

When selecting a gift card solution consider only the most secure options out there.

Longer gift card numbers with a randomized numbering scheme offer the best defense against fraud. We do not recommend short gift card numbers or sequentially numbered (1234) gift cards because they are easy targets for fraud— especially if you are not using another means of validating the gift cards.

For security and reconciliation reasons, we also do not recommend reusing gift cards.

More Information

For more information, see the article How to enable the sale and redemption of gift cards.

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