How to receive a payment at the POS to apply to a balance on a customer profile

  Before you start

A Receive on Account (ROA) SKU and a Customer Credit payment method must be created in the GT Backend before you can receive a payment at the POS and apply it to a customer account. See the articles How to create a receive on account SKU (ROA) and How to create a payment method.

  Heads up

This feature is restricted to manager user accounts and higher. If you have a salesperson account, you cannot edit a product's price and will not be able to receive an ROA payment at the POS.

How To

How do I accept a payment at the POS to apply to a balance owed on a customer account?

Follow these steps

To receive a payment at the POS to apply to a balance owed on a customer account, follow these steps.

Step 1: Receive the payment at the POS.

  1. From the POS screen, select Customer and choose the customer profile from the dropdown.
  2. Select Search, then select the ROA product.
  3. Click on the Price field to change it to the payment amount. 
  4. Check out as usual.

Step 2: Locate the invoice in the GT Backend and issue a customer credit.

  1. Login to the GT Backend and select Selling > Invoices.
  2. Locate the invoice from the ROA transaction you just processed, select View to open it.  
  3. Select Issue Credit.

  4. Enter the payment details. The Payment Method will be Customer Credit. Select Save Credit.

      Heads up

    The Customer Credit payment method must be set up in your store for it to appear in the dropdown.

  5. There will now be a credit on the customer's account. Review credit amounts on the customer profile on the Advanced tab (Customers > List > View Customer).

Step 3: Apply the customer credit to invoices with unpaid balances.

  1. Select SellingInvoices and search invoices. We recommend filtering to the customer name and payment status: unpaid. You can also search by specific invoice number, date range, etc. 
  2. Select View or Edit on an invoice with a balance owing.
  3. Select Apply Credit From Account.

  4. Locate the credit and select Submit. Any unused portion of the credit will remain as a credit on the customer account that can be applied at a future date.

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