How to generate a purchase order using advanced fill

How To

How do I use Advanced Fill to generate a purchase order? 

Follow these steps

Advanced fill allows you to populate your purchase order based on the criteria of your choice. Follow these steps.

  1. Select Purchasing > Purchase Orders.
  2. From the actions menu, select Actions > New PO.
  3. Enter the Supplier, Date, and Date Expected (required). Add any Supplier Reference numbers and Notes as needed (optional). Select Submit.
  4. Select Actions > Advanced Fill.
  5. Populate your PO criteria and select submit. Refer to the Heads Up section on the right hand side of the screen for definitions of each possible selection. Pro-Tip: The Fill PO form will remember your selections and save each option as the default for future use.
  6. A PO will be created based on the criteria you entered (provided there were products to be ordered).
  7. (Optional) Select Actions > Download PO Artifact to download a document outlining why GlobalTill selected the quantities for each product.
    advanced6.png artifact.png

More Information

For more information, see the article How to create a purchase order.

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