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How do I enable age verification at the POS?

Follow these steps

Does your store want to encourage your salespeople to check IDs for age-restricted products such as tobacco or alcohol? There are two options to check IDs at the POS.

  • Force ID Check at Checkout - Prompts the cashier to check for ID automatically when they select the Checkout button. ID Skipped or ID Checked must be selected to proceed.

  • Button Check on POS Screen - Displays the ID button on the POS screen with the required date of birth. This method does not force the cashier to request identification, however, when it is clicked it will be marked on the receipt as checked.

You can select either of the Check ID types but not both. Follow these steps.

  1. Access POS Settings.
  2. Select the POS tab.
  3. Enter the age of majority of the province you're operating in the Identification (ID) Check field. Enable either Force ID Check or Button Check on POS.

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