How to enable customer sign up at the POS

How To

How do I enable salespeople access to create new customer accounts at the POS?

Follow these steps

Enabling customer sign up allows salespeople to create new customer accounts at the POS.

To enable customer sign ups at the POS, follow these steps.

  1. Access the POS Settings
  2. Select the POS tab.
  3. Select Customer to access additional settings.

  4. Enable Customer Sign Up.
  5. If your store has a GlobalTill loyalty points program, enable Sign Up w/ Points Profile.
  6. Under Customer Sign Up Required Fields, choose whether a field will be requested (appear on the sign up form), or required (must be filled in before the form can be submitted) when signing up a customer.

  7. Once enabled, you can select Actions > Customer Sign Up from the POS to access the Customer Sign Up form.

More Information

For more information on customer account signing up at the POS, see the article How to enable the customer sign up prompt.

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