How to use price books to offer a generic discount at the POS

How To

How do I offer a quick, one-time discount to a generic walk-in customer?

Follow these steps

Price books are alternative prices for products that are attached to customer profiles, they're often used to offer employee discounts or specialty pricing to wholesale customers.

However, some stores choose to create a generic customer profile and attach a price book in order to offer quick discounting at the POS.

To use price books to offer a generic discount at the POS, follow these steps.

  1. Create a generic customer profile to use for the discount. We suggest using something simple like 10% Customer. See the article, How to create a customer profile.
  2. Attach the price book to the generic customer profile. See the article, How to apply a price book to a customer profile.
  3. To offer a discount to a customer at the POS, process the transaction under the generic customer profile. 

More Information

For more information, see the article How to create a price book.

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