How to edit a supplier invoice

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How do I edit or change a supplier invoice?

Follow these steps

So long as an invoice has not been posted (saved), you can make changes to a supplier invoice. This article gives you an overview of the types of changes you can make. To edit a supplier invoice, follow these steps.

  1. Select Purchasing > Supplier Invoices.
  2. Select the invoice which needs to be edited. It should be open (unposted) to edit it.
  3. Select Actions > Edit.
  4. To edit information such as the supplier, reference number, location, date, date received, or order number, select Edit Invoice Info.
  5. To edit an individual product on the supplier invoice, select any field to edit it.
  6. To add a new product, you have two choices. Select either New or Quick Add by Product Code.
  7. To view or hide additional information, select Columns.
  8. When you are finished making edits, select Actions > Go Back to Invoice.
  9. Select Actions > Post and Receive (or Quick Post) once the invoice is ready to be posted. For more information on the difference, see the article What is the difference between quick post and post & receive.
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