How to create a purchase order

How To

How do I create a purchase order?

Follow these steps

  1. Select Purchasing > Purchase Orders.
  2. Select Actions > New PO.
  3. Enter the Supplier, Date, and Date Expected. Add any Supplier Reference numbers and Notes as needed. Select Submit.
  4. Add products manually by selecting New or Quick Add by Product Code, or in bulk with Advanced Fill.
  5. Optional: For greater visibility, select Columns to add additional fields to your PO.
  6. Once all products have been added to your PO, select Export PO to export a copy, or select Email PO to email the PO to the supplier's email on record.
  7. To convert the purchase order to a supplier invoice select Actions > Convert to Supplier Invoice

More Information

For more information, see the articles How to create a PO using advanced fill or How to convert a purchase order to a supplier invoice.

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