What is the price change report

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What is the price change report?

The price change report helps retailers in Alberta make more profitable purchases by telling them what's on sale, what's about to go up in price, and how much inventory they have on hand.

More technically speaking, the price change report is a list of all the products in your store along with the price change activity for those products.

The report is broken down by Alberta liquor suppliers like Sleeman, Connect Logistics, and BDL, each with individual tabs on the report.

Within each tab, you'll find Future Price Increases and Future Price Decreases with the Effective Date the price will change. You'll also see how much of each product is currently On Hand & Coming, the Monthly Average Sales, the 2 Month Supply and the 3 Month Supply.

Use this information to save your store money by timing your purchases—buy before the prices go up, or hold off until the prices go down.

Accessing the report

The report is emailed weekly and available to re-download in your archived reports. Access by selecting Reporting > Archived Reports, searching for the price change report then selecting its icon in the Download column.

If you're not receiving the automated emails that include the report, see the following article How to update the recipient list for auto-emailed reports.

Pricing badges

In addition to the report, GT pulls data directly from the AGLC and displays pricing badges on each product's details page to indicate when a product is coming on or off a Limited Time Offer (LTO). Price decreases are represented by a blue badge, and price increases by a red badge. 

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