How to process a store to store transfer

  Before you start

Products must exist in both the sending and the receiving locations in order to transferred between stores.

How To

How do I process a store to store transfer?

Follow these steps

To create and send a store to store transfer, follow these steps.

  1. In the sending store, select Selling > Customer Orders.
  2. Select Actions > New Transfer.
  3. Enter the transfer details. Under Transfer Customer, select the receiving store. Then select Submit.
  4. Add the products and quantities to the transfer by selecting New and selecting each product from the dropdown.
  5. Once all of the products are added to the transfer, select Actions > Mark All Lines as Picked.

      Heads up

    All items in a store to store transfer must be picked before finalizing the transfer. Unpicked items won't be included in the transfer.

  6. Select Actions > Preview Transfer.
  7. Select Finalize & Post Transfer to complete the transfer and update the inventory in the receiving store.
  8. You'll be redirected back to the transfer screen where you'll see a green bubble indicating the transfer has been completed.
  9. The transaction will be recorded on the product's inventory tab in both stores.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Where do I get a copy of the transfer for my records?
    Transfers are saved in the customer order list of the sending store. Access them under Selling > Customer Orders, remember to unhide invoiced/merged orders and filter the type to transfer.

    To print a copy of a transfer, open the transfer and select Transfer Record.
  2. Do I have to perform a manual receive in the receiving store?
    No. The inventory is updated in the receiving store when Finalize & Post Transfer is selected.
  3. Why am I getting a 500 error when selecting Finalize and Post Transfer?
    The most common reason for a 500 error at Finalize and Post Transfer is that there is a product on your transfer that doesn't exist in the receiving store.
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