What is GlobalTill's loyalty program

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What is GlobalTill's loyalty program? How does it work?

GlobalTill allows stores to determine their own loyalty program by choosing one of two programs:

A Dollars-Per-Points Program
Allows a store to determine how many points a customer will earn for every dollar spent and how much a single point is worth.For example, Store A offers a reward point for every dollar spent, and each point is worth $.01. f a customer buys a product for $25, they will earn 25 points = .25.
Points-Based Discounting
Allows for a fixed discount for every specified number of points earned.For example, if you set points needed to 500 and discount percentage to 10%, then every 500 points a discount of 10% will be available to the customer.

Reach out to your account contact for more information or to request a loyalty program be set up for your store. 

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