What is auto close batch and when should you use it

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What is auto close batch and when should you use it?

Auto Close Batch/Auto Settle is used to close the terminal batch after ending a shift. When enabled, when End Shift is selected the GT POS sends a signal to the payment terminal to initiate the terminal batch close. When auto close batch is disabled, a manual batch close must be performed on your payment terminal. Contact your payment provider to understand if auto close batch is right for your store.

Understanding GlobalTill transaction dates versus settlement dates

If your store operates past 11 PM, the transaction date in GlobalTill might not always match the settlement date from your payment processor.

For example, a cashier cashes in at 5 PM on March 21st and cashes out at 1 AM on March 22nd. GlobalTill records the transactions as the actual transaction date and time of the purchases, however debit and credit purchases processed through your terminal may not settle with the payment processor until March 22nd. This can result in discrepancies between sales reports and bank statements for bookkeeping purposes.

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