Cannabis compliance reporting in Canada

Each province in Canada submits reports to Health Canada and Statistics Canada on the movement of cannabis products within their province. To collect the data, they require that each cannabis retailer submits a report each month, which provides them with all of the information necessary to generate the reporting for Health and Statistics Canada. While each province implements different reporting standards, the underlying data that the reports represent is the same across all areas.

GlobalTill prepares an automated export using your inventory, sales, and count data from the selected month to simplify the creation and delivery of these reports to the relevant provincial regulators.
GlobalTill does not pre-fill the reports with the number of employees in different roles. This information must be filled in manually before your submission to the relevant province.

Generally speaking, provincial compliance reports fall broadly into two categories. The first is SKU-based reports, and the second is weight-based reports.

Provinces that implement SKU-based reporting include Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Yukon.
Provinces that implement weight-based reporting include British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

You may notice that Manitoba falls into both categories. This is because they use a weight-based report with the MBLL and an SKU-based report with the LGCA, which means two reports must be submitted to two different governing bodies in the province of Manitoba every month.

Choosing a Health Canada Reporting Category

Many of the weight-based compliance reports require items to be classified correctly according to the designated Health Canada categories. If you aren't sure what category to use for a specific product, we recommend that you consult Health Canada's recommendations, which we have copied below. These recommendations are also available on their website. Supported categories include:

  • Seeds
  • Plants
  • Fresh cannabis
  • Dried cannabis
  • Edibles - Solids
  • Edibles - Non-solids
  • Extracts - Inhaled
  • Extracts - Ingested
  • Extracts other
  • Topicals

If you're a cannabis retailer in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba, it's extremely important that you correctly set the Health Canada reporting category so that your reporting is accurate. If these categories are not filled in, then your cannabis products may be misclassified or omitted from the government compliance reports. See How to assign or edit a product's Other (compliance) category.

Health Canada

The Cannabis Act and its regulations provide, among other things, the framework to provide access to cannabis and to control and regulate its production, distribution, and sale. The cannabis supply chain's oversight is a shared responsibility across many federal departments, provincial and territorial departments, industry, and other stakeholders. One of Health Canada's obligations is to track the flow of cannabis as a means of preventing the illegal inversion and diversion of cannabis into and out of the regulated commercial system.

Compliance reporting in GlobalTill

Compliance reports are created based on GlobalTill inventory transactions, which you can see when you visit any product detail page and select the Inventory tab. This detail provides a complete picture of the movement of products over time, from the very first moment that you receive it until you sell all of the remaining product.

If you are unsure of why a particular activity is represented on your compliance report, the inventory transaction log is typically a good place to diagnose those issues. The inventory transaction log can be run for an entire store or an entire category of products. It is located under Reporting > Inventory.

Where do you run these reports at?

In the GT backend, go to Reporting > Cannabis and you'll see a listing of all Canadian compliance reports. Here you'll have the option to run the reports for each province for a specific date range and to have the report automatically emailed to you once it's been completed.

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