Why aren't the funds from my payment terminal deposited into my bank account?

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Moneris doesn't support batch closing via semi-integration on the Desk/5000 and Move/5000. Contact Moneris to enable System close, or manually close the batch on your terminal each night to ensure funds are deposited in your bank account. Refer to Merchant Close in the End of Day section in the applicable Moneris Online User Manual for instructions on how to close a batch.



I've recently started using GlobalTill and the funds collected through my payment terminal haven't been deposited into my bank account, or are deposited irregularly. What do I do?


Transactions processed on your terminal are stored in a batch. In order for your payment provider to transfer the funds from daily transactions into your business account, the batch must be closed.

If funds collected through your terminal aren't deposited in your bank account, contact your payment provider and ask them to confirm that the batches aren't closing. If your provider confirms the batches aren't closing, log into the POS and follow these steps.

  1. Go to POS Settings.
  2. Select the Payment tab.
  3. Turn on Auto Close Batch (Auto Settle).

If this doesn't resolve the problem, or if Auto Close Batch is already enabled:

Verify with your payment provider that they support batch closing through semi-integration for the terminal model in your store. If batch closing through semi-integration isn't supported, request automatic batch closing from your provider (sometimes called "System close"), or remember to manually close your terminal batches each night as part of the end of day process.

Frequently asked questions

  1. My funds are deposited into my bank account, but the amount rarely lines up with the card totals recorded in GT. Why?
    If your funds are deposited sporadically every 2-3 days, it's likely the result of batches left open and multiple days of payments being deposited at once. Follow the steps in this article to resolve. However, if you receive nightly deposits where the amount varies slightly from the payments recorded in GT, it's likely the result of processing transactions after your payment processor's cut-off time. See the article, Why aren't the payments recorded in GlobalTill equal to the amount deposited into my bank account each night?

More Information

For more information, see the article How to enable auto close batch and How to end a shift.

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