What is semi-integrated mode?



What does it mean for a terminal to be in semi-integrated mode?


Semi-integrated mode is an operating mode that connects your payment terminal with the GT POS while maintaining separation between payment information and other systems.

When the terminal is integrated, the salesperson simply selects card at checkout to send the amount owed to the payment terminal. The payment terminal sends the approval message back from the payment processor to the POS, and your POS automatically completes the transaction.

On the technical side, the process flows like this.

  1. The POS sends a card payment request to the payment terminal.
  2. The payment terminal receives the request and asks the customer to insert or tap their card.
  3. The customer taps, inserts, or swipes the card and follows the device's prompts to complete payment.
  4. Confirmation approving or declining the transaction is sent from the payment terminal back to the POS.
  5. The POS completes the transaction based on approval from the payment terminal. If the payment is approved, it is recorded automatically on the invoice.

When the payment terminal is not in semi-integrated mode, the process is manual. The amount due is entered into the payment terminal using the terminal pinpad, and when approved at the terminal, the payment information is manually entered back into the POS to finalize the transaction.

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