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What is a GT web gift card and how does it work?

GT Web Gift Cards allows you to sell gift cards for in-store use directly on your website, whether you use an existing e-commerce solution or not. Customers who purchase a gift card online will receive an email with their gift card number and a scannable e-gift card barcode that can be scanned for redemption at any of your GT POS stations. Note, although web gift cards can be sold online, they cannot be redeemed online unless you have specific added integration that supports gift card syncing.


  • A GlobalTill account with gift cards
  • A Stripe account
  • A website with a valid SSL certificate

Service information

  • This is an add-on service, please reach out to support@ops.globaltill.com for pricing information.
  • We currently support Stripe. Additional payment processing options will be added based on customer demand.
  • This solution involves embedding a widget on your website, you will need technical assistance from your web designer or developer.

How it works

  1. Your customer will fill in the web widget form on your website, including their credit card information and recipient information.
  2. When the payment is approved, a gift card is automatically created and loaded into your store, along with a sales invoice for the purchase. It appears just as if you were to have sold a gift card in-store.

  3. You will receive the funds from the gift card purchase in your bank account based on the payout schedule from Stripe (less any fees).

Example Gift Card Purchase Widget

Allow for quick and easy purchase of gift cards online. The widget can be customized by your web designer to match the look and feel of your website and brand.

Example Gift Card Balance Checker Widget

This widget enables your customers to check their gift card balances online. It also works with your in store gift cards, even if they were not purchased through the web widget.

More Information

For more information on setting up a Stripe account, check out their website here.

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