Release Notes for November, 2020

GT Backend

🎉 New

  • [BDL Export] Allow for export of PO's into the CSV format required for BDL's new website.
  • [Auto invoice flag] Automatically convert Customer Orders to invoices when they are received (via API integrations).

🔧 Fix

  • [Sales Wizard] Fixed a problem where sales generated using the sales wizard would place non discountable items on the sale (though the non-discountable flag was still respected at the POS).
  • [Apply Tax Profile] When applying a tax profile (other than the store's default), we've corrected an issue where the taxability flag of a product wasn't respected.
  • [Product Images] Fixed an issue where images that were uploading using identical names would cause the image uploaded earlier to be overwritten.
  • [Gift Card Balance Check] Fixed an issue which prevented some multi-store users from checking gift card balances across stores.
  • [Product Uploads] Fixed an issue that would cause product uploads to fail when extra description values were present in the header but no values were entered for those columns.

🤓 Other

  • [Customer Credit payments] We have blocked changing payment type from Customer Credit to another payment type. We have blocked changing any other payment type to Customer Credit.
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