What are the variables for Microsoft Word templates

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These instructions apply to Microsoft Word templates only. These templates are flagged with the following icon.

What are label variables?

Labels are part of a loop, which is a programming construct. In your label files, you may see something like this:

{%tr for l in labels %}

{{l.product_name|truncate(82) }}


{%tr endfor %}

This means that for each variable, below, you will need to add a prefix based on your loop ({%tr for l in labels %}).

So rather than:

{{ product_name }} 

You should use:

{{ l.product_name }}

Standard variables

These standard variables are available in all labels:

Variable Explanation Example
product_name The name of the product J Lohr Cabernet 750 mL
sku The SKU or product code of the product 313825
category The product's Category Wine
subcategory The product's SubCategory Red Wine
subsub The product's SubSubCategory Wine - USA
price The regular retail price or the price book price 24.99
aprice The price including taxes and deposit(s) 26.34
sprice The discounted price, if populated 22.99
asprice The discounted price, inclusive of taxes and deposit(s), if populated 24.24
wtp The price, inclusive of taxes 26.24
sav How much is saved by buying the item on sale 2
depo The related deposit product's name Deposit(s) $0.10
depov The related deposit product's value 0.10
size The product's size 750 mL
brand The product's brand J Lohr
e1 Extra description one field  
e2 Extra description two field  
grams POS equivalency grams  
n1 Extra numerical description one field  
n2 Extra numerical description two field  
loc Shelf location  Shelf Wine - USA
loc2 Additional/secondary shelf location Shelf 34
sku_barcode Renders the SKU in barcode format allowing you to scan the labels. The SKU becomes a scannable barcode

Web Data Variables

These variables are available when you select Special Print and check off Include web data.

Variable Explanation
wn Title / web name
ld Long description / body HTML
tc Country tag (first available)
tv Vintage tag (first available)
tr Region tag (first available)
tc Sub region tag (first available)
tva Varietal tag (first available)

How to include web data


Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I print barcodes on my labels?
    You can add a SKU barcode to your label templates using {{ sku_barcode }}. This will render the SKU in barcode format allowing you to scan the labels. To print labels with the SKU barcode, ensure the variable is in your label template. To print, go to Products > List and select the products you wish to print. Select Special Print, select your template and ensure the checkbox Make barcode available is selected.
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