What is the difference between the BDL invoice and order confirmation?

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What is the difference between the BDL invoice and the order confirmation I receive in my email?  Which should I use to import my order into GlobalTIll?

Prior to November 2020, you would receive a confirmation from order.bdl.ca after placing an order.  Then, you would receive the invoice as a physical paper copy upon delivery. Now with the website beerforbusiness.ca, you receive electronic copies of both the confirmation and invoice in your email. 

How can you identify the invoice from the confirmation?


  • Underneath the BDL logo, you see Invoice.
  • The file name starts with "Beer Bill."
  • The file contains an invoice number.
  • Columns include "Quantity Confirmed" and "Quantity Shipped."


  • Underneath the BDL logo, you see "Order Confirmation."
  • The file name starts with a 4 digit number and "Beer Order Confirmation."
  • It contains an order number, but no invoice number.
  • Columns include "Quantity Ordered" and "Quantity Confirmed."

What copy should you import?

  • If you place more than one order from BDL per week using GlobalTill's PO generation tools, importing the confirmation may be an important part of your workflow so that the products show up as part of "Coming for Stock."
  • If you only place one order per week, or do not use the automated PO generation tools, then we recommend importing the invoice, rather than the confirmation.

Why does selecting the appropriate copy matter?

  • The confirmation contains a column called 'Quantity Confirmed', which, most of the time, is what you will receive and be invoiced for.
  • Occasionally, you will be short-shipped. The BDL invoice and the 'Quantity Shipped' column represents what your store ultimately received, and can occasionally be more accurate than the numbers in the confirmation.
  • If you import the order confirmation and are subsequently short-shipped, you must manually edit the supplier invoice to update the quantities before posting your supplier invoice, otherwise, your inventory will not be accurate.

What information is imported into GlobalTill?

Order Confirmation

  • Quantity Confirmed @ Unit Price C$


  • Quantity Shipped @ Unit Price C$

Common to both Order Confirmation and Invoice:

  • Fuel Charge (Weight)
  • Credits Applied
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